About Us: Executive Yacht Group's services and management business

Executive Yacht Group

Executive Yacht Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality comprehensive service to the private yacht owner.

In it’s endeavor to stand out as the premier manager of boats and yachts, Executive Yacht Group has concentrated on giving it’s clients a professional maintenance schedule to ensure their vessel’s operation and appearance is to the highest standards. With this business model it is believed that a client can be assured of the longevity and turn-key enjoyment of their investment with an absolute minimum of inconvenience.

Executive Yacht Group is a California-based yacht services and management business that offers a proven, economical, and practical alternative to full-time crew aboard private vessels. A perspective client has many options of maintenance, individually established for each and every vessel. This is believed to be a very viable and appropriate solution for a large percentage of yacht owners.

Executive Yacht Group Capital Management Company

Executive Yacht Capital Management Company is an investment firm that focuses on early growth-stage companies with $1-5 million in revenue. We look for companies with exceptional growth potential in expanding markets. In addition to a clear path to profitability and exit, we are most interested in a proven management team that is running the company according to strong ethical values.

Executive Yacht Capital Management Company primarily focuses on marine service and pleasure craft industries that will benefit from the rapidly expanding middle class and are under-represented in the public markets. Our investment fund aligns deep expertise among its principals and advisers in these focus areas.

We invest $250K – $3M USD behind teams of excellent operators with the talent to execute and win in their industry. We have a strong preference to lead on deals, and seek a board seat as part of being an active investor. While we closely examine market dynamics, technology-based assets, and competitive dynamics, we are most focused on finding talented and driven business leaders and management teams who are focused on creating value in their market through excellent execution.


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Our Specialties
  • Yacht Management

  • Marine Services

  • Boat Sales

  • SMB Acquisitions

  • Service and Parts Dealerships

  • Property Investments

  • Environmental Impact Training